Fourth of July 2023: Where does the US national anthem ‘Star Spangled Banner’ come from?

The Fourth of July is a day of summer season climate, barbeques and national sizzling canine consuming competitions in America, as the nation celebrates its independence.

However few folks will know that the tune of the US national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”, a track sung proudly at each Tremendous Bowl, really initially got here from England.

The melody to which Francis Scott Key set the lyrics was derived from “To Anacreon in Heaven”, the constitutional track of the Anacreontic Society, a non-public gentleman’s membership in London.

The track was named after a Greek poet referred to as Anacreon, who gained notoriety for his poems about girls and consuming.

It went on to be a standard track sung in taverns in colonial America, however Congress didn’t identify it the official US anthem till 1931.

The composer of the melody was John Stafford Smith, born in Gloucester in March 1750 and the son of a cathedral organist. He went on to hitch the Chapel Royal in London and was a pupil of composer William Boyce.

Smith grew to become a member of the Anacreontic Society, which first met in taverns on The Strand in central London, reaching round 80 members.

Held each different week, the assembly would start with a live performance of musicians and finish with a dinner, puppet reveals and different actions.

Members sang “To Anacreon in Heaven”, whose lyrics had been written by society president Ralph Tomlinson.

Whereas the personal membership dissipated in the 1790s, the track continued to look in printed music and made its method throughout the Atlantic.

Regardless of its rising recognition abroad, the composer, Smith, apparently didn’t try to promote his personal authorship. He died in London in 1836.

By the time of the US civil battle in 1861, the combine of Smith’s melody with Key’s lyrics had grow to be one of the nation’s most recognized and treasured songs, and was adopted by the army quickly after.

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