This is how often you should actually change your razor

Reckon you may get one other shave out of your razor? We’ve all finished it, questioning how lengthy we are able to actually use one, as we whip it out many times.

Nicely, it is probably not definitely worth the danger to your well being, in keeping with dermatologist and Dove knowledgeable, Dr Cristina Soma. So, how often should you change your razor?

“Extra individuals cling on to their razors for for much longer than is suggested, and are shocked after we suggest {that a} razor is modified each 5 to seven shaves,” says Soma.

“The frequency of change additionally relies on different elements, akin to how often and how many areas you shave, your hair thickness and sort, the standard of your blade, and whether or not you are good at washing it off afterwards and taking care of your blade.”

What occurs if you don’t?

“Most of us personal a uninteresting blade filled with pores and skin cells, cleaning soap and hair particles. Within the worst circumstances, you may see rust on the blade,” Soma says.

“When all this grime accumulates and the blade dulls, you are much less prone to get an in depth, easy shave, and extra prone to minimize your self. Micro organism can accumulate on the blade and have some critical penalties, too.

“Utilizing a uninteresting razor blade may end up in shaving rash and bumps, ingrown hairs, and infected or traumatised pores and skin. Extra significantly, it may end up in cuts and probably result in infections,” she explains.


“You may get any type of an infection from utilizing an outdated, unsharp razor. After some time of utilizing the identical blade, micro organism begins to develop, which is able to create irritation on your underarms,” she explains.

Shaving armpits, pubic hair and legs could trigger actual points.

“The most typical type of an infection could be a bacterial pores and skin an infection, with signs together with redness, swelling, ache or pus. Remedy for this could be an antibiotic ointment.

“To actually look after your underarms, you must change your razor often, use a shaving cream or gel, shave within the path of hair development and rinse the blade completely, then retailer it in a clear, dry place.

“Moreover, the underarm space is very delicate, so take care in selecting a deodorant that helps the pores and skin barrier,” explains Soma.

Resistance and irritation

If you really feel any resistance when shaving with an outdated razor, it may trigger a problem.

“If you can really feel your razor tugging at your hair, slightly than gliding over it easily, it’s probably blunt and can trigger pores and skin irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs,” says Dr Tim Clayton, marketing consultant dermatologist at Pall Mall Medical in Manchester.

“Ingrown hairs can result in bacterial infections, hyperpigmentation and keloids [a type of raised scar] so it’s essential to keep away from these the place doable,” he says.


If you see a touch of orange on there, it isn’t value utilizing.

“Tetanus might be unfold through a wound brought on by a rusty object, nevertheless it isn’t the rust that may trigger tetanus – it’s the micro organism on the razor.

“If you’re involved about contracting tetanus, be sure you’re updated with your tetanus vaccinations,” says Clayton.

Issues about price

In a 2021 Worldwide Journal of Ladies’s Dermatology research, ladies’s four-blade razors had been priced 66% increased than males’s, who could also be much less inclined to shave their our bodies.

So, if altering your razor is expensive, it could be value contemplating your relationship with your physique hair.

“There is no hygiene profit to shaving your physique hair. What you select to do is fully as much as you,” says Soma.

“More and more, we’re seeing extra acceptance and variety in what individuals do with their hair, and from a medical standpoint, so long as you’re doing it in a hygienic and secure method, keep it up.”

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